88 in 1 DIY Solar Car Kit

CODE: SOL88-001

£69.00   £39.99
In stock
With this fun educational Solar Toy Car Kit you can build up to eighty-eight different models and watch them come to life in sunlight. Learning about... More

HD video door entry camera

CODE: VP-3867

£124.00   £79.00
In stock
This electronic peephole viewer is a new kind of home security product. It is different from the traditional glass peephole. With the LCD screen set up... More

Recordable Message Doorbell

CODE: DRB-0208

£28.99   £12.99
In stock
This recordable message doorbell is ideal for homes, offices, factories, shops, hotels, etc. Leave a greeting, message, instructuctions or critical note... More

Running Wheel Mini Robot

CODE: ROB-0091

£28.00   £16.99
In stock
Introducing the Running Wheel Mini Robot with remote control. This cool design allows the robot to achieve high speeds, great manouverability and adding... More

Smartphones Tablet or PC Microphone with effects

CODE: SPM-1099

£53.99   £32.99
In stock
This multi use microphone for smartphones is great for recording. Use it for speaking, singing, news gathering and karaoke amongst others. With reverb... More
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