1.8 inch Car LCD Screen MP4 Player with FM Transmitter


£39.99   £16.99
In stock
1) Plays MP3/MP4/WMA audio fire on USB disk. 2) With Micro SD card slot. 3) Supports Flash Memory, now 1GB and 2GB/4GB available. 4) With built-in... More

90 degree periscope lens for smartphones and tablets


£24.99   £12.99
In stock
Use this simple gadget to take amazing photographs. The periscope lens supports low, high and wide angle photo shots. The lens turns your smartphone or... More

Amplifying Induction Speaker for Smartphones


£49.00   £19.99
In stock
This phone speaker packs a real punch. Just lay your phone on the surface and suddenly you have a booming sound system. The speaker uses wireless technology... More

Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser with Toothbrush Holder

CODE: TPD-0313

£9.99   £3.99
In stock
This great bathroom gadget is not only hygenic, but it can also be a great way to encourage children to brush their teeth. One touch and the unit... More

Bluetooth Headset Warm Winter Hat with Handsfree


£49.99   £32.95
In stock
Keep warm this winter with this unisex Bluetooth Winter Hat. Connect it to your smartphone or any bluetooth enabled device. Talk handsfree on the built in... More
  • Black 
  • Grey 

DIY Salt Water Powered Car


£17.95   £7.95
In stock
Here comes science mixed with gadgets. Why not build your very own model car powered only by Salt water!  How it works!  Just a few drops... More

Extendable Hand Held Arm for Smartphone Cameras


£37.99   £17.99
In stock
This extendable arm for smartphone cameras is lightweight, weatherproof and built for action, Easy to operate, just set the timer, extend the rod, and... More

Flying Alarm Clock

CODE: FLA-0180

£22.99   £12.99
In stock
Ever had trouble getting up in the mornings? There now is an alarm clock that can change that! Just set the alarm to the time you want and when the alarm... More

Foldable Touch Bluetooth Keyboard


£59.99   £35.99
In stock
This Foldable Bluetooth Touch Keyboard can be taken anywhere. Connect it to your Smartphone, Tablet PC, idevice, Smart TV etc. It has a unique hidden... More

Grip Powered Flashlight

CODE: GRF-0522

£8.99   £3.99
In stock
You can charge this flashlight by your grip and no need for batteries. Great for use indoors our outdoors. It comes with 3 very bright LED lights. Carry in... More

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