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8 LED Auto PIR Sensor Light


£19.99   £5.99
In stock
Here is a great money saving gadget you can use anywhere. A light that only turns on when the PIR detects movement. Use in a dark hallways or anywhere you... More

Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser with Toothbrush Holder

CODE: TPD-0313

£9.99   £3.99
In stock
This great bathroom gadget is not only hygenic, but it can also be a great way to encourage children to brush their teeth. One touch and the unit... More

Car Windshield Window Cleaner


£18.99   £9.99
In stock
Cleaning the car is no problems, but when it's time to clean the windows, it's the hardest part. It can be difficult to manoeuver your way into the car... More

Clipped Table Desk Cup Holder

CODE: CCH-9273

£8.99   £4.99
In stock
Sometimes the most simple gadgets are the most useful. This nifty little one is a cup or drinks holder that clips safely and securely to your office or home... More

DIY Fun Drinking Straw Set

CODE: STR-1058

£10.49   £4.99
In stock
Realize your inner innovator with this fun and creative drinking straw set. Put different flavours together the options are endless.  As... More

Drinking Fountain Dispenser Machine

CODE: DIS-1004

£12.99   £4.99
In stock
Keep  your drinks carbonated and dispense just the right amount right from your fridge with this clever Fountain Dispenser Machine. It dispenses water... More

Flying Alarm Clock

CODE: FLA-0180

£22.99   £12.99
In stock
Ever had trouble getting up in the mornings? There now is an alarm clock that can change that! Just set the alarm to the time you want and when the alarm... More

Funny Boyfriend Arm Shape Throw Pillow

CODE: BYP-7238

£39.99   £29.99
In stock
Get a warm cuddle from the Funny Boyfriend Arm Shape Throw Pillow. This pillow looks like the torso of a man with a soft comforting arm to surround you... More

Fur Ball Pet Vacuum Cleaner

CODE: FBV-2216

£32.00   £19.99
In stock
Innovative, fun and useful there is an internal timer in this robotic fluffy "space ball" that allows it to roll around every 15 minutes picking up dust... More

LED Waterproof Solar Sensor Light


£64.00   £42.99
In stock
This is a great task light that you can use anywhere. Use it for security, use it like a flashlight, use it outdoors or indoors. The light only turns on... More

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