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105dB Bicycle Alarm

CODE: BKA-0902

£19.99   £9.99
In stock
Forget traditional chains, padlocks and U Locks. Now, if your bike is moved, the alarm will sound and give off an ear-shattering shriek for 15 seconds. No... More

10W Surface speaker

CODE: sur25-C

£37.99   £24.99
In stock
You can now turn any flat surface into a loud speaker and share sound or music wherever you are. Use in meetings at events, conference calls,... More

2 in 1 Ocean Wave Projector Lamp and Speaker


£59.99   £24.99
In stock
This 2 in 1 Ocean Wave Projector Lamp and Speaker is simple to use and easy to set up. Add the perfect mood and sounds to wherever you place this... More

2 in 1 Swivel car air vent mount for tablet-PC


£49.00   £14.99
In stock
This swivel vent mount is a great way to mount your Apple iPAD or Tablet PC into your vehicle whilst sill having access to the air vents. The vent... More

3 in 1 Smartphone Charger Stand and Speaker


£49.99   £24.99
In stock
This 3-in-1 Smartphone Charger Stand and Speaker. Allows you to play music through the speaker, whilst it holds your device at a convenient viewing angle.... More

300Mbps Wireless WIFI Repeater and Range expander


£57.99   £27.99
In stock
This Wireless repeater provides WIFI over a wide area. Large houses, gardens, factories, community and local streets, are just a few examples of where this... More

3D Virtual Reality headset for Smartphones

CODE: VRG-0127

£59.99   £34.99
In stock
Enter the new world of the immersive 3D virtual reality by just sliding your smartphone inside this headset. Specially designed to offer a stereoscopic 3D... More

60X Magnifcation Mini Digital Microscope Case for iPhone 4 & 4S

CODE: 4G-6002

£49.99   £24.99
In stock
This gadget fits onto to your iPhone and transforms it into a 60x magnification microscope! It comes with two built-in LED white lights for added... More

8 LED Auto PIR Sensor Light


£19.99   £5.99
In stock
Here is a great money saving gadget you can use anywhere. A light that only turns on when the PIR detects movement. Use in a dark hallways or anywhere you... More

88 in 1 DIY Solar Car Kit

CODE: SOL88-001

£69.00   £39.99
In stock
With this fun educational Solar Toy Car Kit you can build up to eighty-eight different models and watch them come to life in sunlight. Learning about... More

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