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This brilliant new musical gadget is a must for musicians and anyone who loves to play music. The musical fingers piano gloves enable users to play a full size piano without the present of a real piano.  It has touch sensitive finger tips that emit musical note when pressed down.  The tip of each finger represents a different note.  Each glove has 8 notes and there are 16 notes in total via 2 hands.  There are 6 built-in demonstration songs in it and you can also play other songs with 8 different musical instrument tones; they are: piano, bass, violin, guitar, trumpet, drum, xylophone and a music box to choose from.

In addition, you can also press “RHYTHM’ button on the speaker to select a rhythm from 20 built-in rhythms.  After you choose a suitable instrument tone and rhythm, press down on any solid surface and it will play the note accordingly.  This Piano Hand Gloves comes with a built-in speaker and adjustbale volume.  With a belt clip on the back of the speaker, you can carry your music fingers anywhere you go.

This makes unique gift, and is a good instrument to learn and practice your music playing. 


Novelty electronic piano gloves
Built-in 6 Demo songs
With 8 musical instrument tones and 20 rhythms
Good for learning and practising playing music

  • Each fingertip has been set to play a different note
  • 8 different musical instrument tones, like piano, bass, violin, guitar, trumpet, drum, xylophone, music box
  • 20 distinct background rhythms
  • Demo mode with six pre-recorded songs
  • Lightweight & portable, easy to carry, and easy to use
  • With a clip, could be hung on a belt when playing
  • With a built-in speaker, and adjustable volume
  • ON/OFF LED light
  • Also a good instrument to learn and practice music
  • Controller color: White + black
  • Glove color: white (right hand) + black (left hand)
  • Cable length: 33.6 inch

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