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Computer Monitor Sticky Message Board


£17.99   £8.99
In stock
Are you tired of those lovely little sticky notes cluttering up your desk? Well stress no more with this monitor message board that easily attaches to a... More

Cute Rabbit Style Eraser


£3.50   £1.50
In stock
Cute advanced Office Eraser. Colour supplied random: Blue, Pink or Green

Foldable Touch Bluetooth Keyboard


£59.99   £35.99
In stock
This Foldable Bluetooth Touch Keyboard can be taken anywhere. Connect it to your Smartphone, Tablet PC, idevice, Smart TV etc. It has a unique hidden... More

Hand-held 3D Printing Pen


£179.00   £89.99
In stock
The 3D Printing Pen is the newest concept in the field of three dimensional design, crafting and art. When you draw an object with the 3D printing pen, it... More

Mini Folding Notebook or Laptop Cooling Pad


£25.99   £8.99
In stock
Slim and Smart the design of this cooling pad system has two large fans built-in that are high performance and extra quiet.  The system helps to... More
  • Green 
  • Pink 
  • Blue 
  • Black 

Multifunction Mini Cleaner

CODE: MMC-8002

£10.49   £4.99
In stock
Say goodbye to dust and crumbs on your desk with the Multifunction Mini Cleaner. This mini-vac looks like a ladybug and sucks up all that dust and dirt on... More

Portable Mini USB Shredder

CODE: PSH-1003

£26.99   £12.99
In stock
This handy portable shredder is great for getting rid of anything confidential, including receipts, sticky notes, or business cards at a second's notice.... More

Puzzle Notebook


£18.49   £9.99
In stock
This new puzzle notebook can be a great gift or fun addition to your stationery. Made from a silica gell the notebook is both durable and well designed. So... More
  • Black 
  • Red 
  • Blue 

Roll On Roll Off Cleaner

CODE: TCL-1002

£10.99   £4.99
In stock
The amazing magic compound in this cleaner means that it can get into places traditional cloths and wipes can't. The soft gum material does not leave any... More

Sports Car wireless 3D optical mouse


£38.99   £12.99
In stock
This Sports Car wireless 3D optical mouse brings style and functionality to any desktop. Featuring the latest in optical technology, the mouse has accurate... More

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