Solar Powered Toys

6 in 1 Solar Toy Kit


£25.99   £11.99
In stock
Have tonnes of fun building six different solar toys and watch them come to life in sunlight. Learning about solar energy has never been so much fun,... More

88 in 1 DIY Solar Car Kit

CODE: SOL88-001

£69.00   £39.99
In stock
With this fun educational Solar Toy Car Kit you can build up to eighty-eight different models and watch them come to life in sunlight. Learning about... More

Rotating Solar Globe


£49.00   £22.99
In stock
This is the globe that harnesses light and the earth's magnetic pull to rotate continuously, without cords, batteries, or human intervention. This... More

Solar Powered Cockroach


£14.99   £7.99
In stock
This funny toy, when exposed to sunlight, can start it's mini-engine and shaking itself. So no batteries needed. Powered by sunlight, this product shake... More

Solar Powered DIY Grasshopper


In stock
The Frightened Grasshopper is a little solar powered toy bug that moves around mimicking a real grasshopper. It is a life size model of a grasshopper that... More

Solar Powered ECO Car

CODE: ECO-0204

£42.99   £24.99
In stock
Have fun and be eco friendly with this Solar Powered Radio Controlled ECO car. It has a wireless remote controller that is rechargeable via USB so no need... More

Solar Powered Toy Windmill


Powered by sunlight shining on a solar panel in the base. This is a great desk item for an executive or an educational item to assist children understand... More

World's Smallest Solar Powered Car


£10.99   £8.99
In stock
No batteries required When the sun shines on the solar panel, the panel makes electricity that turns the motor and the wheels. Will also work when close to... More

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